A Chat With Chad, Creator of California Cheri Casino Hold’em – Pt 1



This sounds like some made up marketing story, but the game was literally born on a Hollywood movie lot.


I co-own a Post Cheri Casino Production film company called Orbit Digital and our offices are here on “The Lot,” which was the old Warner Hollywood studio. Besides being where Billy Wilder and other Hollywood icons shot a lot of classics, it’s the same lot that “Lucky You,” the upcoming poker movie with Drew Barrymore (featuring cameos from many top pros) was shot this summer. Around that time, the idea came to me, though I really don’t think the two were related. But I have to admit that seeing Barry Greenstein got me more fired up than the times when Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller were lurking about every day. I guess that makes me a poker fan.


I’ve been a poker fan for years and play regularly online. It was my hope to qualify for the WSOP this year and I played my heart out in a few qualifying tournaments, only to take bad beat after bad beat in the later stages.


After qualifying for a tournament where the top 3 positions went to Vegas for the Main Event, I was down to the final 18, and in 5th place, when after a textbook raise with pocket kings (three and a half times the blinds when those blinds were huge,) I was called by the big blind. The flop came all low cards with no flush or straight draws likely. I bet and was raised all in. I knew the player to be pretty loose so I called quickly and was glad to see my opponent had only middle pair.


He had called me with 7-5 off suit, for about a third of his Cheri Casino stack. He had slightly more chips than me. After he caught a 5 on the river to knock me out (instead of giving me the chip lead,) I didn’t consider this just a bad beat. I considered this another episode in a long line of hands that proved to me that too many loose callers, especially in tournaments, is not a great thing for poker. I noticed that pros were having the same kinds of experiences regularly. I can only imagine investing several days instead of hours only to lose that way.

Post Author: Catherine Lawrence