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21st Software today announced that 21st Jigsaw Puzzle V3 and all 16 titles are available for sale.

21st Jigsaw Puzzle version 3 has received high scores by computer gaming websites. MPOG gives the game four stars and says “Puzzle Enthusiast Couldn’t Ask For Much More” Gamers Pulse rated the game an 81 and said, “It’s rather frightening how a simple program with no flash, flare or pretensions can suck so much time from you. I slowly, methodically solved all the puzzles, then went to a higher difficulty and did them all again. Deadlines were ignored, articles and reviews went undone, and still, there I was doing the puzzles. The person at Game Zone who reviewed the software liked it so which they bought it.


21st Century Jigsaw Puzzle was created for the high demands of heavy jigsaw puzzle players. The program allows players to cut a puzzle into 4 or 4,000 pieces, rotate pieces, send any puzzle to a friend, open additional work area, time themselves, get a hint to finding difficult pieces, create puzzles of a special image, separate boarder pieces and more.


With the 16 jigsaw puzzles titles available you can see bears, penguins, dogs, snakes, underwater animals up close and personal, climb Mt Rainier with a climber, enjoy a laugh from London’s Times cartoons or pull out your hair with the difficult fractal puzzles. Our professional photographers have published in notable magazines and book, while London’s Times has received




VANCOUVER, CANADA – ModernGroove Entertainment International, Inc. today announced it has been granted a license from Sony Computer Entertainment of America to develop interactive entertainment titles for their upcoming PlayStation(R) 2 computer entertainment system.


“When evaluating potential developers, Sony looks for a high level of innovation coupled with the ability to deliver a great product,” said Adrian Crook, Executive Producer of …


Adelson called masterful at using others’ money

Sheldon Adelson is cleverly avoiding risk while creating great upside potential for himself with his casino resort development in the Chinese city of Macau, Forbes Magazine reports in its Sept. 2 edition.


Adelson is the entrepreneur who created the giant Comdex computer convention and then sold it. He now controls the Venetian megaresort on the Las Vegas Strip and the massive, adjacent Sands Expo Center.


“Sheldon Adelson has grandiose plans in Macau. Other people are putting up the UFABet capital,” Forbes reported. “… Adelson didn’t get onto The Forbes 400 by exposing his own fortune to needless risk. He is a master of the fine art of using other people’s money.”


“We’re looking to change the face of Macau,” Adelson says in the Forbes story. “This will be the crowning achievement of my business career. It’s the most challenging adventure I’ve ever taken in my life and has the potential to be bigger than everything I’ve ever done. I wouldn’t even want to sell it for $500 million. It’s going to be worth many billions.”


Forbes explained that to build the Venetian, Adelson issued $515 million in junk bonds and put in another $95 million in cash. But while the Sands Expo Convention Center is part of the complex, it wasn’t pledged as collateral; it was pledged against the $75 million that Adelson borrowed for his cash equity portion. “So if the deal went bust, bondholders would have waited behind the banks to take their share of what was left of the collateral,” Forbes said.


“In Macau, Adelson seems to have next to no risk, yet has cleverly positioned himself to enjoy the upside if the project succeeds. The deal with the Macau government obligates Adelson’s group to spend $1.1 billion within 10 years,” Forbes …

Qiu Qiu

Basic Draw Qiu Qiu Poker

Of the many popular varieties of Poker, Draw Poker is the purest. Usually, it is the first Poker game a novice learns.

Players: From 2 to 8, but fewer than 5 is sometimes considered inadequate.

Description: Draw Poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, although sometimes a 53rd card, the Joker, is added. Before any cards are dealt, each player puts a predetermined wager on the table in front of him called the ante. This becomes part of a common pot, to be won by a single player and is usually smaller than the bets that follow.

After shuffling, the dealer distributes the cards face down one at a time in a clockwise manner until each player has five cards (dealer included in a private game). These five cards constitute a player’s hand. They are secret to the player, and cannot be revealed to any other player.

Beginning at the dealer’s left (and continuing clockwise) each player acts on his hand. If there has been no previous bet, you may either make a bet (by adding chips or money to the pot) or check. You can either say “check” aloud or tap a hand on the table. Check means you are not betting at this time, but reserving the right to call or raise later if another player bets. Call means you are putting into the pot an amount equal to what an opponent has bet. Once an opponent(s) has made a bet you must do one of three things when it is your turn:

  1. Call, keeping your hand eligible to win;
  2. Raise—increasing the stakes by putting in more money than it would cost to merely call;
  3. Pass—throwing your hand away and abandoning all chance of winning the pot. When you pass, you forfeit all money you

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Gambling and Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021




Types of Online Casinos


There are a number of types of online casinos at which you can play. Many of them are Java-based and load directly in your browser. Some of them use Flash or Shockwave, which also runs in your browser but may require the Flash (or Shockwave) plug-ins available from Macromedia.


Both of these types are usually referred to as no-download casinos, even though you have to download graphics and sounds every time you play. The biggest advantage of a no-download casino is that it can be played on most computers and operating systems, and many of these will also work on WebTV.


Then there are the downloadable software casinos, which will only run on Windows-based platforms. File sizes generally range from 5-15 megabytes, so you should make sure you are definitely planning to play at this casino before investing the time to download. If you run Windows, I recommend that you stick to these download casinos. They are generally more stable and secure, and once downloaded minimize communications between your computer and the casino game server, making them ideal for those of you with dial-up connections.



One of the biggest advantages to online gambling is the wide availability of bonuses that online casinos offer. Some casinos give you money right off the bat for you to test out their games. Others require you to make a deposit in order to receive a bonus, which is either a percentage of your deposit added to your account, or a fixed amount received for an exact deposit of X dollars.


For example, Casino A might give you $10 free just for downloading, and $40 additional when you make your first deposit of $100 within seventy-two hours.


Casino B may offer …


Ligaz11 Review of When to Hold ‘Em and When to Fold ‘Em

I’ve read many poker books by many authors who have made extreme claims about their own qualifications as an author and to the benefit that might be realized by reading their book. None of them have made the sorts of claims that self described “genius extraordinaire” William Barnes has made about his book, When to Hold ‘Em and When to Fold ‘Em. In his own words, “Expect to discover more Hold ‘Em Poker information and enlightenment in this book than in all the bookstores and libraries of the world.” An extreme claim to be sure. Can this book live up to its own promotion?


The book consists of three parts. The first part consists of letters Barnes has sent to various luminaries correcting articles they have written. Mostly, these letters correct some luminary’s incorrect use of some term describing statistical measure such as “odds” or “probability”. Sometimes, the target of Barnes’ friendly barbs has made some other misstatement or fallen victim to some simple logical fallacy. I believe most people would consider these corrective missives to be pedantic, but with some effort I can bring myself to understand why Mr. Barnes would feel compelled to send them. What I can’t figure out is why he would think anyone would care about the letters he sent?


The second section, and the bulk of the book, is a set of quizzes on various ligaz11 Hold’em related math problems. Some of them are interesting but most cover situations that are covered in other books, such as calculating the probability of hitting a runner-runner flush if one has three cards to a flush on the flop. It’s useful for a Hold’em player to be able to come up with reasonable answers to questions like these, but being able to calculate odds precisely …


Online Gambling Site เว็บตรงสล็อตแตกง่าย Settles California Investigation

YouBet.com (Nasdaq: UBET), an online gambling site based in Los Angeles, has reportedly agreed to pay $1.3 million (US$) to California authorities to settle an investigation into the company’s online horse racing operation in the state.

According to published reports, the company will pay a $600,000 civil fine, donate $500,000 to charitable causes and reimburse Los Angeles County for over $200,000 in costs associated with the inquiry.

YouBet.com also reportedly agreed to refrain from conducting business with any California resident, although it will be allowed to keep its operation in the state. In exchange, California will not pursue criminal charges against the company or its officers.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office launched an investigation last October. The company, which claims to have a subscriber base of 11,700, third quarter revenue of $1.1 million, and a net loss for the quarter of $7.2 million, said at the time that it would cooperate with authorities.

Not a Sure Bet

The settlement will do little to clear up the haze that hovers over the Internet gambling issue. Some states have passed piecemeal legislation banning online gambling, and the U.S. Senate recently passed a bill that would outlaw it — albeit with a number of loopholes.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California), for instance, attached an amendment to the bill that would permit Internet gambling — such as horse racing — that is conducted on a closed loop. Still, the bill penalizes those who violate the prohibition with $20,000 fines and up to four years in prison, and also allows judges to issue permanent injunctions.

The House of Representatives is expected to take up the issue when it returns from winter recess later this month. Some observers expect a different version to pass, which could be melded with the Senate bill and sent to President …

situs judi poker

McCain expects scandal to spark anti-betting bill

WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Tuesday he does not know if he will revive a bill to prevent Nevada sports books from taking bets on college basketball and football games.

“Until there’s a scandal, we won’t pass it,” McCain said. “The gambling interests are too powerful. But there will be another scandal.”

If McCain chooses not to reintroduce the bill, it will be the first time in six years the Senate has not considered outlawing college sports betting at Nevada casinos. McCain first introduced the legislation in 2000.

In the House, Rep. Tom Osborne, R-Neb., former situs judi poker coach at the University of Nebraska, plans to try again with a betting ban similar to McCain’s, according to spokeswoman Erin Hegge.

Supporters of the betting ban say it is needed to discourage gambling on amateur athletes. But the legislation has been bottled up primarily by opposition from Nevada’s senators, who say the real problem is sports betting that is not regulated.

Making McCain’s task more difficult is that he is no longer chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, the panel that would vote on a proposed betting ban.

Not only is McCain no longer chairman, but Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, is. The relationship between McCain and Stevens is reportedly strained because McCain criticized the Alaskan for pork barrel spending during his term as chairman of the Appropriations Committee.

Stevens was asked about the sports gambling issue on Tuesday but declined to comment.

“Let me tell you, I do not talk about my committee in the hall,” he said.

But Stevens spokeswoman Melanie Alvord said he would schedule a hearing on a sports betting bill if one is introduced.

Nevada sports books accept wagers of more than $2 billion annually. About 30 percent of those bets are placed on …

Situs Judi Bola

Treasure Nile Win Breaks Situs Judi Bola Jackpot Record

Internet Wire – Launched just three weeks ago, Treasure Nile, the Internet’s first 9-line 5-reel progressive slot, has paid out the biggest progressive jackpot ever won online. Software engineer Olivier C. won the unprecedented $389,843.85 jackpot while playing the game at Lucky Nugget Casino on August 4th.

“I suppose I am one of the luckiest guys in the world. It’s a very good feeling!” enthused Olivier. “I plan on investing some of the money to give me some security, as well as giving some to family. I will also buy a dark blue Audi!”

This record-breaking jackpot is the third huge jackpot paid out since the games launch only last month. Suzanne G. won $104,989.56 at Lucky Nugget Casino on July 16th and Linda W. won $150,391.60 at The River Belle on July 23rd.

$685,424.39 has already been paid out by Treasure Nile in Situs Judi Bola jackpot payouts to date, although it still has a long way to go to catch up with the jackpot payout totals on the other six progressive games in the Jackpot Madness network. The network boasts total jackpot payouts of over $37 million, with $1,281,445.26 paid out on its flagship Cash Splash game last month alone.

“Watching the jackpot counter whiz past $350,000 was very exciting. To have a successful game not only must it have large jackpots but also it must pay out regularly,” said Marilyn Glazier, Director of Public Relations for Jackpot Madness.

Treasure Nile, an Egyptian-themed progressive, is the newest addition to the Jackpot Madness family. Featuring nine lines and 5 reels, the unprecedented progressive is already popular among online gaming enthusiasts as witnessed by the rapidly escalating jackpot totals. Treasure Nile accumulates deposits from players on the Treasure Nile slots at all participating casinos, creating constant, unmatched jackpots.

Powered by …

Judi Online Qq

Paris The Last Judi Qq Leg

The last leg of our Tour De France, saw us wake in St Etienne, and catch a train to Lyon, where we boarded our Ouigo train to Paris Marne-La-Vallée-Chessy. A journey of over 300 miles.

Paris The Last Leg, Euro 2016.

Ouigo is the French National Railways low cost train line (their Ryanair if you like.) We (I) booked our tickets last year for €10 each. We met someone yesterday who had paid over €100 for the Lyon to Paris leg of the journey.

There was a large queue to board, as tickets and baggage were checked. On board facilities were basic, again just think Ryanair – without the garish blue and yellow.

Paris The Last Leg, Euro 2016.

The two hour journey saw us arrive in Paris just after 10.30am.

Paris was open.

Lunch was had before heading to the stadium, where Northern Ireland fans out sang their German counterparts.

We then headed off to the eleventh arrondissement, a lively area near La République, today 21st June is Fête de la musique. Where you can find bands in most bars playing live music.

Paris The Last Leg, Euro 2016.

Unfortunately for us the festival seemed to be continuing into the night as we arrived back at our accommodation.

The next day, and we didn’t have to travel!

Paris The Last Leg, Euro 2016.

We stayed in Paris and visited the Judi Qq at Pere Lachaise, The Crypt at Notre Dame and passed by the Louvre before heading off to Stade de France to see Iceland v Austria.

Paris The Last Leg, Euro 2016.

After the match we went to Grand Train, a disused railway building turned into an assortment of pop up bars and eateries.

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English Coaches Should Learn Their Togel Trade!



Former West Ham and West Bromich Albion midfielder Peter Butler has been coaching for years in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.


The Yorkshireman believes that English coaches should learn the trade before taking top jobs whether they do so in the lower leagues or, following his example, in a different and challenging environment such as Asia.


The 42 year-old has a few ideas that he shared with me – over to you, Peter.


“At the moment we have so many managers getting jobs with so little experience of actually coaching and managing people and it bodes the question in the UK when we are constantly being scrutinized by our fellow European compatriots where are we going and where is this taking us long term?


I left England in 2001 to go to Australia to coach and more importantly learn my trade off my own back in an environment where personal fitness plays a big part. I was intrigued by not just the football set up but how a different country Togel went about things from preparation diet etc (Aussie Rules / Rugby Union).


Not long after I arrived, Australian football went into a restructuring phase and the A-League was born with less teams. Basically, they were trying to take it to the next level to eventually compete with the top teams in Asia, as we speak the game is progressing slowly but nicely.


I learnt a great deal and continued to do so until I left and went to work in Asia. I jumped the gun perhaps but I knew Asian football was on the move. Breaking into Japan China and Korea for a young coach from Halifax is not easy so I worked in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia at their respective …