Team Titan member, Jan Bjoersland from Norway, finished in 11th place at the “Dusk Till Dawn” Casino in Nottingham, England, taking home £4,011. He was participating in the December “Monte Carlo” £250,000 GTD. event. Overall, Bjoersland was very happy with his performance. It was his third appearance at his favorite casino and in the past he finished there in 1st and 4th places.


The final day of play in Nottingham was full of action. On level 20 (6,000 -12,000), 15 minutes into Day 3, the 19th player was eliminated meaning that every one of the players remaining had a guaranteed win of £2,835. Jan had a number of all-in situations on level 20. He went all-in with 33 from the middle position with no callers in reply. Then he went all-in with KK in Small Blind. Under the Gun raised 36,000 from his heavy stack of an estimated 650,000. At this point Jan only had 145,000 left and went all-in, and to his togelsurprise, the opponent folded automatically (surprising for someone who had raised under the gun). Once again Jan found himself going   all-in with A6 on the button and he was met by the other players folding. During this level additional players had been eliminated leaving 14 remaining players and a guaranteed prize of £4,000+.


Level 21 (8,000-16,000) began with Bjoersland still the short stack at the table with a remaining 195,000 chips at his disposal. Then his final hand arrived. He had A10 on the button. There were 38,000 in the middle before the dealing of the cards and so he stood up and went all-in. The Big Blind called with 66. There was no A or 10 on the flop… no luck with that one… and so he exited the tournament placed 11th.


The next probable stop for Jan Bjoersland is the UKIPT in Manchester in February.




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Post Author: Catherine Lawrence