Master Classes

Italian Master Classes

Aldo Zilli, celebrated TV chef, has the knack of combining great simplicity with great taste. In The Zilli Cookbook he presents real, contemporary Italian recipes which are full of robust flavours and are, as he puts it, “minimally mucked-about” with.

Spend the morning with Aldo cooking recipes from his latest book in addition to learning the tricks of the trade, great presentation tips and how to use seasonal produce.

Your day starts early, at 6.30am, at Billingsgate Fish Market in East London, where Aldo will give a lesson on what to look for when buying fresh fish and go through the variety of fish available at different times of year. You can also buy fish for yourself to take home at Aldo’s prices from his regular suppliers.

Then you will be treated to the best greasy spoon breakfast at the market café with all the characters from the market.

Back at Zilli Fish and you will make from scratch four different types of pasta, pasta sauces (vegetable, meat and fish). Then the fish class, cleaning, gutting, filleting, frying, grilling and baking, after which it is time for an aperitif. As you will have tasted some fish, a glass of very chilled Prosecco is served by our Maitre D who will explain the different types of sparkling Italian wines.

Back to the kitchen to make a dessert with our pastry chef, taste the sauces and finish the seasoning. By now it will be one o’clock, time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Weather permitting the lunch is served al fresco with different wines for different foods. What a day!

Please book early as these classes are extremely popular, whether it is a present for a loved one, a group booking or you just want to send your partner because you are fed up of doing all the cooking.

Buon Appetito!