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Best soundbar for Bitcoin Dice gaming



Disappointed with your TV’s speakers? You need a dedicated audio solution! Something that’ll boom when you want it to, but provide clarity in quiet spoken scenes. If you don’t think our list of Best surround sound systems for gaming is for you, then a Soundbar is the perfect alternative. Designed to fit snugly in front of your TV, a Soundbar won’t fill your room with speakers, but it will give you loud, clear, rich sound – usually without breaking the bank in the process. Be warned that the sound quality will likely not be as high as using an amplifier and external speakers, but it will make a big difference if you’re just used to your TV’s built-in sound. So here are the best Soundbars on offer right now.


Samsung HW-J355


This model has a wired subwoofer, so be warned that it isn’t completely wireless. That said, the unit itself connects to modern Samsung TVs wirelessly, thanks to the Sound Share option – so check if your TV supports that. Otherwise, there’s an optical connection too as well as auxiliary line-in. Packing a moderate 120 watts of power, this bar is $149.99 from Amazon US, or £105.60 from Amazon UK.


AZATOM Stealth Bar AZHD1 (UK only)


Don’t worry, you’re not restricted to playing Metal Gear Solid 5 on this ‘Stealth’ Soundbar. It’s called that because it has two subwoofers built into its casing, which means what you see is what you get. No external speaker or trailing cables. It also has three HDMI sockets and supports 4K and 3D throughput, so you can likely connect all of your devices directly to this beauty. It’s £179.99 from Amazon UK.


Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System


If you often find yourself straining to hear …

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Best racing Bitcoin Dice wheel



Racing games are so much more realistic than they used to be, it makes sense that you might want to play them with a steering wheel and pedals instead of a control pad.  Sure enough, the likes of Project CARS, Forza 6 and Driveclub have all got realistic steering wheel support. But which one is best? Which will give you the best feel, force feedback and pedals? Well the answer is right here.


Thrustmaster T300RS for PS4, PS3 and PC


Thrustmaster’s approach to racing wheels is broken up into the various components. The T300RS base servo can have different pedals, wheels and gearsticks attached to it, depending on what takes your fancy. This base setup gives you two metal pedals (so no clutch) and paddle-shifting behind the steering wheel. But the quality of the control and force feedback is absolutely superb – strong enough to hurt your hand if you hit a wall at the wrong angle in a game. Best of all, your PS4 will recognise it as soon as you plug it in, as it’s officially licensed by Sony. This is brilliant stuff and is highly recommended. Get it for $299.99 from Amazon US, or £208.99 from Amazon UK. But you might want to upgrade a little with…


Thrustmaster T3PA Pedal Set (PS4/Xbox One/PS3/360/PC)


These pedals are metal and are situated in a large base unit which makes it feel very sturdy. Their feel is realistic too, and the brake doesn’t feel the same as the throttle when you depress it, just like a real car. And look – there’s a clutch pedal too! Not every game supports the clutch pedal (Driveclub doesn’t so far), but if you’re looking for ultra realism is simulation racers like Project CARS, it’s the only way …