Global QQWIN99 Strategic Thinking Society


A lot of what the Harvard based Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society is going to be saying will be reduced in the media to sound bytes. It is the sign of our times that thoughtful, in-depth analysis is not the strength of any news or media outlets. So it is not surprising that what has come out the yesterday’s first Harvard Law lecture series by he GPSTS is a quote about how business and poker are alike.

Crandell Addington was invited to participate yesterday in a forum, “Poker: A Game of Truth in Life and Law,” by Harvard Law Professor Charles Nesson. Nesson, an advocate of poker as a means for teaching valuable entrepreneurship and life skills and founder of the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society.

Addington, who has reached the final table of the World Series of Poker’s

Main Event seven times — more than any other player — credits his success in business to lessons he learned as a high-stakes QQWIN99 player. He founded a successful oil and gas exploration company and ran it for more than 30 years and is currently chairman of Gold Reef International, Inc., a Canadian public company, which he co-founded, focused on precious metals.

The initial media quote from yesterday’s panel is this from Crandell Addington:

“There are so many parallels between poker and business. High-stakes, no-limit poker games and business ventures each offer their own, unique dynamics. Both are battlefields upon which players must make rapid strategic shifts and tactical implementations, even if these shifts happen much faster in a poker game than in business. And successful players in poker and business must identify their preferred outcome and use their skills to affect that outcome. That’s why poker is a game of skill, not chance as many people mistakenly believe.”

I …