2004’s Most slot hoki Impressive Win


There is no questiong that 2004 was the biggest year in poker history. The winner of the WSOP took home a cool $5 million. There have never been prize pools like this. In fact, I’m not sure there is a competitive endeavour in the world that gave away more money at a single event.

And the year was full of amazing performances by some truly great poker players. “The Kid” Daniel Negreanu won 2004’s Pro Player of the Year award from Card Player Magazine. He made 11 final tables and pocketed more than $4 million. Third in the player of the year standings is, perhaps, the poker world’s most under appreciated player, John Juanda. He made a whopping 15 final tables.

But neither had the most impressive performance slot hoki of the year. And both would probably agree that that award should go to Gerry Drehobl.


That’s right, I’m picking Gerry Drehobl (pictured above, courtesy Las Vegas Vegas) as the winner of the 2004 Most Impressive Win award. I’m guessing most of you have no idea who Gerry is. But Daniel Negreanu and John Juanda sure do.

Let me take you back to WSOP $1000 NLHE final table. When it got down to five players, the lineup looked like this: Daniel Negreanu, John Juanda, Paul Phillips, Mike Matusow and Gerry Drehobl. The first four names made 34 final tables last year. Drehobl showed up in Vegas in an RV after playing poker for 6 months. Who do you think won?

After Phillips knocked out “The Mouth,” we were down to three players in Card Player’s top 25, and a guy who wouldn’t have ranked in the top 500 without this win.

First, Drehobl looks at J8o in the BB and calls a modest raise from Negreanu, who’s holding …